The Historic Ashby Post Office Reception Hall is a group conference/meeting facility designed for parties, receptions, banquets and other group activities. Built upon the historic Ashby Post Office, the hall’s main room is 31 X 14 and can be configured in a variety of layouts using provided folding tables and chairs. In addition, a large modern kitchen, bath, parlor and the restored Post Office room make the Ashby Post Office a historically meaningful site for any group gathering. The Post Office is handicap accessible.

The kitchen is equipped with a large refrigerator, microwave and range. Silverware, glasses and dinnerware are not provided with the reception hall. Common kitchen utensils and small appliances are provided. Folding tables are the 6 foot size and 6 tables and 48 folding chairs are provided with the rental. One 8 foot table is also available for use in the desired set-up. For outdoor activities picnic tables and a large BBQ grill is located adjacent to the building.

Please remember that when decorating that the Ashby Post Office is a historical building. Please do not use nails or anything that will damage the building or furnishings.

The cost of the Historic Ashby Post Office is $175 per day. The cost does not include park admission for people coming to the event. For an event that you wish to pay the gate admission for your guests, we can provide tickets tickets based upon an estimated attendance. You distribute the tickets and guests turn them in at the gate for admission. You only pay for the actual number of tickets turned in at the gate. This can be paid at the office on the day of the event or advanced arrangements can be made for the park office to bill you. Please remember to call well in advance for tickets so you will have ample time to receive and distribute them.

Pets are not permitted in the Reception Hall. A pet or evidence of a pet will result in forfeiture of rent and being asked to leave.


A deposit of $85 is required by a designated deadline. If you are paying the deposit by check the reservation will be held one week from the date of the initial call. If the deposit is not received by that date the reservation will be released. Mastercard and Visa are accepted for deposits and payments.


A $40 service fee is assessed on any cancellation. You must cancel 14 days before the reservation date to receive the full refund less the $40 service fee. Refunds for cancellations after the 14 day period will not be made. A $10 service fee will be assessed for date changes.