The Mulberry Church was constructed in 1897 and was located south of Centreville Alabama in what is now the Talladega National Forest. According to Howard F. McCord the church was situated immediately on the dividing ridge between the Cahaba and Warrior Rivers; more defiantly between the waters of the Blue Girth and Five Mile Creeks.

A simple structure of 1200 square feet, the church served congregations up until 1942, after which no regularly scheduled services were held. For almost a half century the church sat unused. In 1988 those with connections to the Mulberry Church joined with the Bibb County Baptist Association and gave the church to the Brierfield Ironworks Historical State Park to which the church was moved and restored. On May 20, 1990 the church was rededicated and is now a vital part of the park.

The church is a one-room building with a center aisle with pews on either side. In the front there is a raised pulpit area, a piano and an antique reed organ. The building has air-conditioning, heating and is handicapped accessible. The restrooms are in a separate building near the church.

Cost – The cost for using the church for a wedding is $500. You may use the church the day before the wedding for the rehearsal and may decorate for the wedding the day before the rehearsal. Remember when decorating that the church is a historical building and do not use nails or anything that will damage the building or furnishings. It’s OK to use candles, just be careful!

Deposit – A nonrefundable deposit of $100 is required by a designated deadline. If you are paying the deposit by check the reservation will be held one week from the date of the initial call. If the deposit is not received by that date the reservation will be released. MasterCard and Visa are accepted for deposits and payments.

Cancellations: A $20 fee is assessed on any cancellations. You must cancel 14 days before the reservation date to receive a full refund less the $20 service fee. Refunds for cancellations after the 14-day period will not be made. The $100 deposit is nonrefundable.

Reservations: Call the park office at (205) 665-1856 or email to make a reservation.