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Event Spaces


The Historic Ashby Post Office Reception Hall is a group conference/meeting facility designed for parties, receptions, banquets and other group activities. Built upon the historic Ashby Post Office, the hall’s main room is 31 X 14 and can be configured in a variety of layouts using provided folding tables and chairs. In addition, a large modern kitchen, bath, parlor and the restored Post Office room make the Ashby Post Office a historically meaningful site for any group gathering. The Post Office is handicap accessible.

You can rent this facility for $175.

The church is a one-room building with a center aisle with pews on either side. In the front there is a raised pulpit area, a piano and an antique reed organ. The building has air-conditioning, heating and is handicapped accessible. The restrooms are in a separate building near the church.

The cost for using the church for a wedding is $500. You may use the church the day before the wedding for the rehearsal and may decorate for the wedding the day before the rehearsal. Remember when decorating that the church is a historical building and do not use nails or anything that will damage the building or furnishings. It’s OK to use candles, just be careful!

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